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Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement in Hampton, Newport News, Seaford, Poquoson and York County VA

Hampton VA Air Conditioning Repairs

Do you believe your AC system is working properly? Is now the time to call a certified air condidtioning repair, replacement technician? Below you can find vital information to help you determine if it is the time to call. Trust in Atlantic for your Hampton VA AC system repairs as we are fully licensed, bonded and insured to keep your home comfort system efficient and safe for you and your entire family.

When should you call your qualified air conditioning repair, replacement technician in Hampton VA:

  • your system begins making strange or unusual sounds
  • the air flow or fan speed is not running according to the settings on your thermostat
  • the air temperature coming from the vents is warm
  • there is a leak coming from your system
  • the outdoor unit fan is not running at all
  • the unit turns on then turns back off
  • your electric or gas bills are high and you would like to create a more efficient environment

Common Issues with AC Systems:
AC Systems require preventative maintenance to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Without a seasonal maintenance plan you can expect to have one or more of the following issues on your AC system:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Electrical control failure
  • Drainage problems
  • Air flow issues
  • Short cycling

How can you tell if your system is having any of these issues?
Symptoms may include:

  • Warm air coming from vents or registers
  • the system does not turn off
  • you can hear the system turn on but no air is flowing from your vents

When should I get my Air Conditioner Repaired?
As soon as you are aware of the issue and a qualified technician has confirmed it.

Is it important to schedule my appointment right away?

Without a doubt, it's very important to get your Air Conditioner repaired as soon as possible. What seems like a simple issue can in time cause the following;

  • parts deteriorating from the over haul
  • decreased efficiency - more $$$ on your utility bills,
  • shorter life span of your entire cooling system
Delaying a simple repair can become an expensive part or complete system replacement.

When should I get my system Replaced?
It is best to have your system replaced whenever the cost to repair outweighs the lifetime or efficiency of your cooling system. Our technicians will offer you multiple replacement options with the best warranties available backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
For example: Your indoor evaporator coil has a leak confirmed by a certified Atlantic cooling technician The coil can be replaced although it needs to be matched with the outdoor unit. The cooling technician will provide you with a quote for:

  1. replacing the coil
  2. replacing the coil and outdoor unit
  3. and a whole system replacement

Once your install is completed be sure to:

  • obtain your warranty information from the technician
  • join a service agreement program
Or schedule preventative maintenance as necessary.

Failure to maintain your system with a regular maintenance plan will void your warranty, so if any issues arise under the warranty periods you will be responsible for the cost in full