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Five Main Parts Related to Air Conditioner Repairs

Hampton VA Air Conditioning Repairs

Understanding how your Hampton VA home's air conditioner works can be pretty confusing. Most people are just happy to know that it does work and if something goes wrong then they call someone to take care of the air conditioner repair for them. We hope this article will give you a little bit of information to understand exactly how the system works. This knowledge will help you keep your Hampton VA home's AC unit in better working order which will save you money on your electric bill as well as reduce the need to call for frequent air conditioner repairs.

There are five main parts of an AC unit in Hampton VA and we will go over each of them briefly

Refrigerant: A substance with a very low boiling point allowing it to change from liquid to gas easily as it moves throughout the AC system.

Compressor: The compressor pumps refrigerant through the loops of the AC system and generates a great deal of pressure. This heats the refrigerant and turns it into vapor.

Condenser: The condenser cools the refrigerant by blowing it across condenser coils which are in a finned comb shape.

Expansion valve: The expansion valve helps the condenser in cooling the refrigerant. It is a small valve which the refrigerant must pass through and it comes out as a cool mist which is what provides most of the cooling for your home.

Evaporator coil: The evaporator coil completes the system by heating the air up again before it is sent back to the compressor.

Understanding how air conditioning units work in Hampton VA home can help you pinpoint a problem if anything happens. If you are still not quite sure how the entire AC System works then we will be happy to help you out with your air conditioner repairs. We have helped many people in the Hampton VA area with air conditioning repairs in the past and it is something that we enjoy doing. We know that keeping your home cool is very important and we will always do whatever we can to help you stay cool even on the hottest of days.