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Faucet Repair and Replacement in Hampton, Poquoson and York County

A leaky faucet that loses water at a rate of one drip each second will waste more than 3000 gallons of water in a year. If it was gasoline, the average American car would have run for nearly six years, and would not have been wasted one bit. Then, why this attitude when it comes to preserving water?

Lakes and rivers account for only 0.3 % of the earth's water, and these are the sources most of us rely on. Water is a gift and we have to conserve it. If you stay in Newport News, Poquoson - VA, York County, or Hampton, and if you have a leaking faucet or hose in your home or office, Atlantic Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can help you.

Reduce Water Bills By Fixing Your Leaky Faucets

Hampton VA Faucet Repairs

The first step towards water conservation involves determining if water is getting wasted. If you are a family of four members using more than 12,000 gallons of water every month, there is a high chance that there are leaks in your water pipes. The next step is to identify where the water is leaking from.

Leaky pipes behind walls and underground are easily ignored. These can be more wasteful than a leaky faucet. If each one of us does our part, just think about all the water that can be conserved.

It is better not to attempt a repair on your own. You may end up exacerbating the problem or even make a total mess of it. This is where we can help.

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing contractors.
  • We provide emergency service, 24/7.
  • We guarantee that the problem with your faucets or hoses will be solved.

Contact Us for More Information on Faucet Repair and Pipe Replacement in Hampton, York County and Surrounding Areas

We are one of the best services for faucet and hose repair or replacement in the Virginia Peninsula. If your faucets freeze during the winter, we can install frost proof faucets. For a free estimate, you can call us at 757-838-1036.