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Plumbing, Heating and AC FAQs in Hampton, Newport News, York County, and Poquoson

What is the cost of a seasonal tune up?
A seasonal tune up is $65.00.

Cost of the "Discount Club" Service Agreement?

The Discount Club Annual Service Agreement is $195.00

What is the difference between the Service Agreement and the Seasonal Tune up?
The one-time seasonal tune up is a visual check of the unit, we conduct a diagnostic inspection of your cooling or heating system. This does not include a cleaning but the technician can include a quote to clean your condenser and coils as well as any other recommended repairs or maintenance.

The Atlantic "Discount Club" Service Agreement
Our technician will clean and service your cooling or heating system twice per year. Once in the fall to check your heating system and once in the spring to check your cooling unit. Our technician will clean your filter and outdoor unit, which involves cleaning the coils and condenser base. This annual service agreement keeps your manufacturer's warranty valid and keeps your investment running as efficiently as possible. You will also receive priority service and our satisfaction guarantee. This agreement is annually renewable upon payment, or cancelled for non-payment and you can pay the rate up to three years in advance.

Is it important to have regular maintenance on my home comfort equipment?
Maintaining your home comfort system should be thought of like maintaining a new car. You wouldn't buy a new car and never expect to have to add air to your tires, change the oil and ensure it passes its annual state inspection, would you? In the same way it is important to have your comfort equipment inspected by a qualified technician. Keep your system running efficiently with a seasonal maintenance plan to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible year round and for priority service if anything does go wrong.

Benefits of a regular maintenance plan:
  • Preventative Maintenance! - Having your system regularly maintained will allow you to have the highest level of comfort year round
  • Lengthens the life of your equipment as it is kept in a "healthy condition" year round
  • Properly maintaining your system allows it to run as efficiently as possible, therefore saving you money on energy bills whether it be gas, electric or water
  • Priority Customer- gives you priority service anytime you call, giving you peace of mind you will be taken care of
  • Validates your Warranty - failure to keep your system properly maintained by a certified technician will void you warranty therefore costing you more if any problems do arise during the warranty dates
When is it time to have your AC repaired?
The best time to get your Air Conditioner repaired is as soon as a qualified technician has mentioned there is an issue with your cooling system.

The longer you delay repairing your system, the more problems can occur such as;
further breakdown of the entire system or individual parts,
decreased efficiency - immediately costing you more on your utility bills,
decreased life span of your cooling system
It is very important to get your Air Conditioner repaired as soon as possible, otherwise a delayed repair on a single part turns into a replacement of a major part or your entire cooling system.

When should I get my system Replaced?
Atlantic recommends a replacement on your system whenever the cost to repair outweighs the lifetime or efficiency of your cooling system
Our technicians will offer you multiple replacement options with the best warranties available, as well as a high quality of workmanship backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For example:
- Your indoor evaporator coil has a leak confirmed by a certified Atlantic cooling technician
The coil can be replaced although it needs to be matched with the outdoor unit. The Atlantic cooling technician will provide you with a quote for simply replacing the coil, replacing the coil and outdoor unit, as well as a whole system replacement.