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Duct System Installation Hampton VA | What Is a Duct System?

According to Energy Star, a program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency, most duct systems lose about 20% of the air, which they should be transporting, to holes, leaks, and poor connections. For a home to be comfortable, the air duct system should be efficient. Ducts, also known as air distribution systems, transport air from the air conditioner or central heating system to all parts of a house or office.

If you want and air duct installation or get your old one repaired or even replaced in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, or York County, you can call Atlantic Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

What Are the Benefits of a Proper Duct System Installation in Hampton VA ?

When the duct system is efficient, you get these benefits.

Improved comfort

When the duct system is properly insulated and sealed, the capability of the system to deliver air to all the rooms improves, ensuring that a constant temperature is maintained.

Utility bills reduce

In an average home, about $600 is spent each year on cooling and space heating. When the duct is insulated and sealed, the bill can come down by $120 or more.

Air quality improves

When the ducts leak, dust, moisture, dirt, fumes, and pollen can enter the home. When the air ducts are replaced or repaired, the air quality indoors also improves.

Equipment costs come down

When the ducts leak, the air conditioner or the heater works harder to compensate the loss incurred. By installing, repair, or replacing the duct and sealing it properly, you can install a smaller, less expensive heating or cooling system.

Call Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning Services for Duct System Services

If you want to get these benefits in your home, call Atlantic Plumbing, Heating & Air conditioning Inc. Our air duct installations, repairs and replacements are available in Newport News, York County, Hampton, and Poquoson. They are several coupons and special offers on our site. Take a printout and give it to our technician to get discounts on our services.

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